Caroline Spreitzenbart is an Austrian Cinematographer graduating with the queer feminist feature docufiction “Life is not a competition, but I’m winning”, where she won the ARRI Production Award 2021 for, and is currently in preparation for shooting a historical drama comedy, funded by the German TV, in the summer 2022. She photographed several short films, which where shown and awarded internationally.

In 2014 she started her studies at University of television and Film Munich, Germany. Since she attended the class of Luciana Kaplan in Centro de Capacitación Cinematográfica, C.C.C with the Support of the DAAD Talent Scholarship, she continuously collaborates on short films in CDMX.

Her work is characterized by close teamwork and the very content driven exploration and anchoring of the visuality of each film anew in the stories to be found. Following the passion of the story in it’s perspectives and emotions, turning them into tangible images.

SPIELFELD and ARS MORIENDI - THE ART OF LIVING, in which Spreitzenbart was responsible for cinematography and co-directing (SPIELFELD) have been awarded as “best short documentary” at the Austrian Filmfestival Diagonale. In addition to worldwide screenings, the team received the “Carte Blanche” young talent award at the Duisburg Film Week in 2017.

Protagonist Rosemarie Achenbach during a break from filming.



Nomination “Michael Ballhaus Preis” First Steps 2023 ︎ Qualification Competition Austrian Film Award, category "Best Short Film" 2019 ︎ Best short documentary film, Diagonale 2018 ︎ Working World Federation Award, AK Salzburg 2018 ︎ Main prize special category "Home", flimmern&rauschen 2018 ︎ Qualification Competition Austrian Film Award, category "Best Short Film" 2018 ︎ Best short documentary film, Diagonale 2017 ︎ Carte-Blanche Young Talent Award witKristina Schranz, Duisburger Filmwoche 2017

DAAD One-Year Scholarship for Artistic Continuing Education in the Field of Film.

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